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Gamakatsu Superline Weighted Worm Hook sz 3/0

Gamakatsu Superline Weighted Worm Hook sz 3/0

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Gamakatsu 74413-1/8 Superline Weighted Worm Hook, Size 3/0, 1/8 oz, Needle Point, Extra Wide Gap, Ringed Eye, NS Black, 5 per Pack

Gamakatsu's most popular worm hook would have to be the EWG. It was only a matter of time before they designed a new version, the "Weighted Superline EWG". Developed with the braided line fishermen in mind, it was designed with a heavier wire to withstand the demands of today's braids but also weighted for when a slower presentation is needed. Whether your flippin' or pitchin', your favorite tube or stick bait, in heavy cover or swimming your bait at the perfect speed, the "Weighted Superline EWG should be in your arsenal.

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